Sir Goderick

Sir Goderick is a paladin knight fallen from grace. After many years of fighting against evil and being a giving soul, a terrible event caused this noble soul to loose his way in a momentary state of angry madness. Since then he has spiraled down, away from his faith.

Sir Goderick had been forced by his lord to fight on front of pointless war led by his lords greed, despite his objections. His wive had traveled with him to the closest frontier settlement to the front. Sir Goderick had not wanted to leave wife unprotected in the frontier town, but was obligated under orders from his lord regardless of his protest.

Days later an orc attack swept over the frontier settlement, slaying many of the towns inhabitants, amongst them, Sir Godericks wife. As Sir Goderick was away he’d been unable to protect his wife.

This tore him up inside and he lost his mind to rage and temporary madness, leading him to slay his lord who had ordered him away.

Afterwards he fled south in a state of disarray and loss of faith. He lost his gods favor, and his paladin powers as a result. Aimlessly traveling away from the source of his pain, and now outlaw status by the state, he came across bandits on road.

They soon saw the strength in his martial and military prowess, and thus he ends up leading this troop and gathering more to his banner. Organizing them into a sizable bandit band of an unusual level of martial organization and efficiency due to his military command experience.

He himself is a broken man, his heart broken, faith and hope lost. Though not inherently evil, his actions are that of a lost man, a fallen knight.

His appearance is that of a plate fitted knight in dyed blackened armor and a barely recognizable emblem on his shield. He attacked his own shield in a fit of rage at one point, trying to bash away his blade at his past until he was spent. The emblem is a white dragon on top of a red and blue background.

He’s generally found mounted on a war horse, with a great blade by his side and a crossbow mounted on the horse.



Players come across part of this bandit troop, exacting a high toll for their passing, so high that the group will have to dig deep to cover it, even leaving behind equipment to cover the demands.

Further back from the bandits on a hill with two mounted lieutenants sits the knight, overlooking the whole thing from his steed. If things turn bad he will retreat.

After the players are robbed or otherwise deal with the scenario, they reach the nearest town. Within they find out that this troop of bandits is causing real problems with trade. And though not generally violent, unless a toll is refused, they are to dangerous and numerous for the town militia to deal with. If the party is willing to deal with the threat they are refunded for their losses (if any) and offered a bounty on top.

This organized form of the bandits has really only been in place for 2 to 3 months, so its relatively new. Nobody knows the origin of their new leader (Sir Goderick) but if the players did not notice it during the heist some traders who have recently been past and lost a great deal are able to describe the shields emblem.

Researching the origin of this knight the players find the following page in a book on lend from Candlekeep by recognizing the slashed shield emblem. On the page the left emblem is that of Sir Goderick and the one to the right is that of the Order of the Gauntlet, the paladin and clergy order he belonged to.

Sir Goderick can easily be turned into an arch foe and can be played out as a powerful foe to be met in combat or a story line can be spun around his background to create a much deeper experience. He might even be overcome with the right approach outside of combat, which might lead to him finding his way back into the light or even to become a permanent ally of the group after.


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