Cursed Lady Luck

An unlucky man, down on his fortunes is found to be drinking his pains away at a local waterhole. In his possession is a large golden coin with the marking of Tymora, or more commonly referred to as Lady Luck on it.

The discovery of this coin was the beginning of this mans down-slide into misfortune. As it is indeed a false token of luck, but rather a cursed item passed into the world by the cultists of Tymoras cursed sister of misfortune Beshaba, Lady Doom.

If a thin layer of gold on top is scraped away, the cursed symbol of Beshaba can be seen.

Players who have come in touch with this coin will soon start to suffer worse and worse luck, which will eventually turn from mere bad luck to dangerous and in the end deadly ends.

The only way to turn this curse around is to choose one of three paths.

  • Passing on the curse to 2 more people for each who have come into contact with it. This is done by passing the coin into contact with two new people. If the players chose this path you can seed story elements into the campaign as with time the greater and greater misfortunes of these people come to their attention, and possibly how the curse is spreading having a noticeable effect.
  • Seeking out its source in a hidden dungeon Beshaba temple complex. Wherein the players need to gather the magical components used in the original curse to reverse the curse.
  • Send the players on a grand quest to gather the magical components used in the original curse to reverse the curse.

Whichever path you think is most interesting to you and your group, you can spin the size of the quests or effects to be as large or small as you see fit.


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